Difficult Encounters with Other Dogs and/or People

A typical situation, which probably many dog owners find stressful: encounters with other dogs and/or people.

In this case it was about a somewhat older dog, which growled, barked and possibly snapped at other walkers with or without a dog. The owner was aware that this was not possible and asked in the animal communication to agree with the dog that he should either give the others a wide berth or walk on a leash. However, the dog was not really willing to get involved and the situation did not improve much.

The question arose whether the dog was simply stubborn, or whether something else might be playing along.

I used Intuitive Art to answer the question whether the dog of the owner possibly reflects something.

And look: BINGO! The drawing clearly shows that the encounter with other walkers is seen as an extremely unpleasant disturbance. We see blue lines moving across the sheet and short rounded black lines. Blue stands for freedom, calmness, thoughtfulness, and black for connectedness, mutual attention, unity. In other words, the woman is happy with herself and her dog, follows her thoughts and enjoys the peace and quiet. The orange serpentine line stands for the other walkers and acts like a foreign body that disturbs the harmony and idyll between woman and dog – almost as if lightning were struck.

The owner of the dog was amazed how accurately the drawing reflected her feelings. This also made it clear why the dog reacts the way it does. With his reaction (barking, growling, snapping) the dog tries to defend the peace and idyll he had with his mistress before.

Next we worked in a combination of coaching and energy work to change the owner’s attitude towards encounters on her walks. Thereupon I drew a new Intuitive Art picture.

The new picture shows how the energy has changed: soft light colours, round shapes and a broad dark grey base line. Dark grey stands for gratitude. Light blue for openness, light yellow for acceptance, yellow for joy and golden yellow for lightness, light green for insight.

In contrast to the picture above, where woman and dog – to put it a bit over-expressed – had an aura of “woe to him who disturbs our idyll”, they are now in harmony with what is coming: gratitude (for the walk together) now forms the basis, openness and willingness to integrate something new or a new encounter into their experience and to feel joy in doing so.

In this basic attitude or basic energy, the dog no longer has any reason to fend others off.

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