Welcome at Animal Communication & Coaching for a Happily Ever After with your Animal

Willkommen bei Tierkommunikation & Coaching - für ein glückliches und unkompliziertes Zusammenleben mit deinem Tier!

Animal Communication & Coaching offers you an opportunity to communicate with your animal and to ask the questions you have not yet found the answers to. Your animal gets the opportunity to talk to you what she can’t normally do in this way and you get to know her point of view, wishes and needs. It will become clear how you can create the best conditions for you and your animal to live together harmoniously and happily.

Who am I?

I am Beate Schneeberg from Switzerland, 59 y., married and mum of to grown up kids and currently two former stray dogs Ariana (7y.) und Leila del Greco (3y.).

These two and their four-legged predecessors helped me to find the way to animal communication.

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Animal Communication & Coaching

In animal communication I ask your animal questions to which you would like to have answers. I tell her your concern, ask her point of view, ask how she feels physically and if necessary I can ask your animal to change a certain behaviour.  I can support your animal with healing energy, Quantum Reiki or EFT.

Your animal’s answers I receive in the form of pictures, words, feelings or as an Intuitive Art Drawing.

What I have learned from your animal I will share with you and help you find your next steps.

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What is Intuitive Art?

Intuitive way is a way to get answers to questions in the form of a drawing. Drawing is done with closed eyes and takes only 30-60 seconds. According to the proverb: “A picture says more than 1000 words” it is often clear at first glance what the picture – or the animal – wants to express. The interpretation of the colours and shapes of the drawing provides additional information.

Intuitive Art can also be used as a coaching method to quickly bring clarity to a problem or find the best approach.

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Intuitive Art in Animal Communication

The animal communication brought out that the dog feels stressed because she is exposed to many impressions in her home. Although the dog would have plenty of opportunities to retreat and rest in everyday life, she does not get to rest because there are too many distractions from outside. Her environment offers too many opportunities to see what is going on outside the house: Windows that reach down to the floor and allow a view over a great distance, glass doors to the courtyard, etc. – Clear stress factors for a dog that is very sensitive to visual stimuli.

We used intuitive art to answer the question how certain changes would affect the dog’s well-being.

Reading the picture from left to right, we see that the dog has lost her center (light yellow) – her happy nature is overshadowed by fear and uncertainty (golden yellow) and so she reacts by instinct and barks (red).

The intended changes will allow the dog to stay more centered and to perceive the things around her no longer as threatening, but simply as something that is part of her environment (black framing the bright yellow). This also helps her to find her courage (red) and her joy (yellow) again and with it her cheerfulness and light-heartedness.

When To Use Animal Communication?

Do you sometimes wonder why your animal behaves the way she does – especially when it comes to behaviour you don’t like?
Do you wonder whether your animal feels comfortable with you, whether she is happy and fulfilled? Or how you could improve the relationship between your animals?
Would you like to prepare your four legged friend for a change? Or support her better in case of illness or in old age?

Animal communication helps you and your animal!

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