How the Corona Virus Impacts Our Pets

Positive Energie

Corona does not leave even our beloved four-legged friends untouched! Although they can’t get infected and fall ill like us humans, they suffer from the tense mood.

Animals have very fine sensors for what is going on in their environment. In the wild, this ability is crucial to their survival. Our pets also have this sensitivity. Don’t we love them precisely because they are such loyal friends and make us feel that they understand us? Haven’t you experienced that your pet tries to comfort you or cheer you up when you are not feeling well?

The collective emotions about the current corona situation are predominantly negative and frightening. Add to this the fact that for many of us, everyday life is turned upside down at the moment – whether it is because the whole family is suddenly at home, or because overtime is being worked or because leisure activities need to be completely rethought.

All these changes, uncertainties, perhaps dissatisfaction and fears are directly transferred to our animals. For them, the uncertainty and stress are even greater, because although they perceive that something is in the air, they have no explanation for it. They feel the threat and do not know what is going on!.

So it is no wonder if your dog or cat is currently behaving unusually and showing signs of stress, anxiety or fear.

How to help your animal feel more at ease?

Talk to him. Sit down with him, talk to him and explain in simple words what’s going on. Explain to him that there is a disease going around among the people that frightens everyone. For example, that this is why the whole family is at home. That the children have no school. That nobody comes to visit. … – Explain to your animal what applies to you. And assure your pet that it’s safe! – That is particularly important for all animals that are rescued or from a shelter, because they very likely are already traumatised!

I’m happy to support you and your animal should you feel in need of help because your animal doesn’t respond to your words. 
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What else can you do?

How can you help your animal even more? 

This Intuitive Art Drawing can and should give you ideas how to best support your pelt-nose. Don’t be afraid of the dark colours – they indicate a “blessing in disguise” of your situation.

The drawing wants to inspire us all to give up resistance to our current situation and accept that it is as it is. At the same time it wants to say: Open yourself to experience this time, when everyone is getting closer together, in a positive way. Especially enjoy the connection with your pet. Take the time to occupy yourself with your pet, to cuddle it, maybe teach him something new or take time for a massage, … Let your intuition guide you. This special time can help you to deepen your relationship with your pet and to get to know and understand each other even better.

How to feel positive and optimistic – despite of it all

The publication of the latest figures is more disturbing day by day, we all await the announcements of the governments eagerly, and around the clock lots of special tv shows on the subject are broadcasted. – I think, it’s very smart to decide wisely how much of it you can tolerate.

Any kind of mindfulness exercises, meditation, yoga and other practices that help to achieve inner peace are highly recommended at this time.

A very simple and effective exercise is to get quiet every hour (e.g. on the hour) for 1-3 minutes. You can do this by simply turning inside, you can look into the distance or at the drawing below, which is filled with positive energy.

You can absorb the positive energy of the drawing by looking at it and letting the energy work on you.

In case you are interested in the color meanings: apricot – abundance, success. Turquoise – openness, inner growth. Beige – inspiration. Dark green – serenity. Brown – connection to Mother Earth. Grey – wisdom.

Last but not least:

Stay at home and stay healthy!